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Can Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids Alleviate The Pain

Can Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids Alleviate The Pain

Can Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids Alleviate The Pain

Many Believe that coconut oil for hemorrhoids works to stop piles.

Experts believe some factors make a person more likely to develop hemorrhoids, including:

A family history of hemorrhoids
Straining to have a bowel movement
Staying on the toilet for long periods of time
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Laxative or enema overuse
Prolonged sitting (such as in an office setting)
Several conditions related to other body systems can also predispose a person to hemorrhoids. Some of these risk factors are temporary, such as pregnancy, and hemorrhoids that develop due to these causes often resolve with the condition.

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Other conditions that can lead to hemorrhoids include chronic coughing, pelvic floor dysfunction, and connective tissue disorders.

Risk factors that are more to do with lifestyle or occupation, such as straining involved with heavy lifting or obesity, can often be avoided, reduced, or eliminated.


A health care provider will usually be able to diagnose hemorrhoids based on a history of symptoms and a physical exam. A doctor may want to rule out other more serious conditions that can have similar symptoms as hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids can be diagnosed upon visual inspection, whereas internal hemorrhoids are diagnosed with an anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and/or colonoscopy.

The tests are not so much to confirm a diagnosis of hemorrhoids, but to exclude other diagnoses such as cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. (It's also possible for a person to have hemorrhoids and other conditions at the same time.)

Tests that a doctor may order when evaluating hemorrhoids and other anorectal conditions include:

Blood tests
Flexible sigmoidoscopy
Exam with an anoscope or proctoscope
Stool sample tests to look for blood, infection, and/or inflammation.

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